Come to Slovenia by train via Venice

The train is the way of ecological transport par excellence, but is it possible to come to Slovenia by train without breaking the Bank?

After years of research… Nan I'm kidding, actually my new partner of travel helped me to compile options fairly easily (and prices) as possible, for those who want to continue travelling without shoot our (still) nice planet.

Basically, I was looking for rates for the Milan-Zurich, passing in the terrestrial tunnel longest in the world, under the St Gothard. For the record, the first time I went in Slovenia, we had to go through the tunnel of the St Gothard, his road to "only" 17km version, but did not open in time, we crossed the eponymous pass, with of snow and temperatures barely positive… a pretty amazing experience before the 40 ° C waiting for us on the Croatian side.

But back to the train to the Slovenia, what are the possible solutions?

Let's start with the route via the Italy.

Thello via Venice: € 35 Paris – Venice (night train)


  • rate (even in lowcost, you'll hardly find cheaper).
  • night train, you don't waste time and save a hotel night.


TVG via Milan and Venice: € 74 Paris-Venice


  • the comfort seems to go (for €20 more, you can travel in 1st).
  • by splitting tickets Paris-Milan and Milan-Venice, you can go later Paris (10:41-> 17:50) and visit Milan (the last train for Venice leaves at 20:35).


  • The price

TGV via Turin and Venice: €104 Paris – Venice


  • Allows to go later to Paris.


  • Price.

Note these TGV stop at:

  • 08:31 / 12:36: Lyon Part Dieu
  • 09:45:42 / 13: Chambery-Challes-E

And Bordeaux or Marseille?

For Bordeaux it is even simpler to go through Paris, and Marseilles by Lyon. Check with (or on the website of the SNCF) the timetables and fares.


From Venice to the Slovenia

You can change to finish by bus (with bus for example) or shuttle (with Goopti), but if you want to continue by train, I recommend the option via Gorizia, a border town, the Slovenian part of the side is called Nova Gorica. Unfortunately, there is no link between these two cities, but the distance is short, it can be done by taxi, bus even to feet! This you will cost between € 10-20:

Then, happened in Gorizia:

You are arrived in Slovenia in Nova Gorica. You can take the opportunity to discover this region, the Valley of the Soča, or Brda or Vipava.

Or take a local train to Ljubljana.

In a future article, I will talk about the options through the Switzerland or the Germany.


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