I loved Carmen (of Bizet) at the Ljubljana opera!

Ljubljana is a small town (200.000 inhabitants), but its capital status allows us to have access to an important cultural offer.

Museum, exhibitions, concerts, popular movies, there is something for everyone! Of course, impossible to compete with London or New York…

By chance, I came across the poster that announced at the Ljubljana opera Carmen, a perfect opportunity to see my first opera!

The advantage of this one in particular, is that it is in French, the actors – although Slovenes – play their text in the language of Molière! Note that if you go with friends Slovenes or anglophones, there is a sur-titrage in these 2 languages (which was not completely useless even for me 😉

For a first, it's even simpler not to have to additionally manage the language.

I can tell you now, even if it is very far from my culture, I loved!

I was 3rd, very close to the actors, like on this video:


Very impressive, with the Orchestra a few meters from me.

The implementation very theatrical (praised by critics), allows to always stay in the history (that is called by the way, I didn't really!), even during a scene Sung, there is always action in the background.

The almost 3 hours of representation have passed very quickly.


Without wishing to spoiler, the scene with the kids… magnifaique! 🙂

So, if you are passing in Ljubljana and want an experience (for me was one!), I would strongly advise you to come see Carmen in Ljubljana! Count €30 for a good seat… and especially hurry… in 2016 it was shielded at every performance, and it's doing well for that to be the same in 2017.

The next dates: 25 March, May 31 and June 3.

To book: SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana

(Foto: SNG Opera in balet Ljubljana / Darja Štravs Bill)

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