Come to Slovenia from Quebec

Even if the majority of my readers come from France, I do not forget this pretty cousins (I know not… yet) province of Quebec (poke Marie Julie 🙂 I decided to take advantage of my research to reach this beautiful country, you’re going to, I hope, do the opposite way 🙂 Quite a few options … Read more

Come to Slovenia by train via Venice

The train is the way of ecological transport par excellence, but is it possible to come to Slovenia by train without breaking the Bank? After years of research… Nan I'm kidding, actually my new partner of travel helped me to compile options fairly easily (and prices) as possible, for those who want to continue … Read more

I loved Carmen (of Bizet) at the Ljubljana opera!

Ljubljana is a small town (200.000 inhabitants), but its capital status allows us to have access to an important cultural offer. Museum, exhibitions, concerts, popular movies, there is something for everyone! Of course, impossible to compete with London or New York… By chance, I came across the poster that announced at the Ljubljana opera Carmen, … Read more

Walk to Piran… all images…

When Lili on jolisvoyages blog asked me to talk about the lighthouse of Piran, I remembered that I have a ton of unpublished photos I took when I went last spring… better late that never here are some…

Partnership Goopti, Skyscanner, bus

With the rise of the bus lines, the emergence of small companies air lowcost (no there not only Easyjet or Ryanair…), the offer becomes bloated to Slovenia… Let's not complain! 🙂 Living in Slovenia, I can guide you to my favorite parts of this country, but on the way to get there, I'm not a … Read more

Learn more about Kranjska Gora

If today the summer finally seems comfortable in Slovenia, the weather was until recently very temperamental, so that it was risky to predict in advance a getaway too far. Taking advantage of a window of a few days of good weather, on a whim I booked a weekend at the Youth Hostel Barovc in Kranjska … Read more

Come to Slovenia by bus with bus

There are quite a few years ago, I came to Slovenia by bus. At the time the only option was called Eurolines and we had to negotiate with the driver, because officially the bus did not stop in Slovenia and went directly in Croatia. But today this is the radius of memories (not always happy … Read more

Where to ski this year?

Winter sports, in particular skiing, are activities that no adrenalin junkie would want to miss out on, and each winter is an opportunity to discover new skiing experiences. Because of the hundreds of ski resorts in Europe, there is often too much choice and we limit ourselves to well known resorts rather than explore new … Read more

Interview: Culinary workshops in Ljubljana

Looking to taste some Slovenian food? Do you enjoy cooking? Would you like to learn more about Slovenian cuisine? Join an evening cooking class in the centre of Ljubljana organised by the locals who enjoy cooking. You will be cooking your own dinner using fresh ingredients. Classes are organised for small groups as well as for … Read more