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With the rise of the bus lines, the emergence of small companies air lowcost (no there not only Easyjet or Ryanair…), the offer becomes bloated to Slovenia… Let's not complain! 🙂

Living in Slovenia, I can guide you to my favorite parts of this country, but on the way to get there, I'm not a specialist.

For not leaving you on the edge of the road, I'm developing a tool to help you find your way, whether you are in France, Belgium, Switzerland or even in Quebec, he would never so easy to find the best solution to your desires and especially your budget.

Do you know for example that Wizz Air offers flights €20 A/R of Brussels (Charleroi) to Ljubljana

Venice is only 150km from the Slovenia has?

Goopti can bring you directly to your hotel or apartment (door-to-door option).



Airfare comparison

Where you come from, we sorted for you, all flights to Slovenia.



GoOpti logo2Transfer airports

That you landed in Venice, Trieste or even Milan, Goopti is the way easier to reach the Slovenia.



bus-logoThe Slovenia by bus

Since last summer, Ljubljana became an important base for bus, it becomes easier to come in Slovenia by coach.

From here a few days, you will discover our new tool that I hope will be very useful to discover the Slovenia…

We will also add the "collaborative" offers such as carpooling.

As the train, even if the offer is very limited and rather expensive.

If you have any special requests, feel free to contact you…

It seems even a mobile version is in preparation. 🙂

If you're impatient, you can reach me on the Facebook page of the site.

EDIT: Our system is online (it will still evolve..):

All flights


Come from France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec

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