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If today the summer finally seems comfortable in Slovenia, the weather was until recently very temperamental, so that it was risky to predict in advance a getaway too far.

Taking advantage of a window of a few days of good weather, on a whim I booked a weekend at the Youth Hostel Barovc in Kranjska Gora, and see on site to organize.

Before arriving in the Valley of the Sava, need follow the beautiful soča River to its source, to then cross the Vršič pass and 50 laces (popular with cyclists), where there is still snow late May.


Coming by the Jasna Lake (artificial, laid out a few years ago), the hotel I chose is just two steps.


I'm greeted by Sandra, the manager, to listen to it it will take me 3 months to visit the region. 😉 … but he will have to choose, because I'm only staying a weekend (I'll come back more at length to see the rest…)

The day is already well underway, I threw my heart on the Lake Zelenci, and I program for the next day a tour of Planica, Mecca of ski jumping (Peter Prevc broke all the record this year), renovated a few years ago.

Youth Hostel Barovc

The hotel is located at the exit of the town of Kranjska Gora, in a very quiet area, perfect for resting after a long hike.

Sandra is very friendly and knows the region like his pocket, she sura find the activity that suits you.

The room is simple and clean, breakfast quite complete, for €30 / night in "single room", it's a very good value.


Lake Zelenci

Protected in a nature reserve, this lake is actually the source of the Sava Dolinka, one arm forming the Sava (which she will be thrown in the Danube in Belgrade).

Minerals provided by this source allows an entire ecosystem to grow.

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The Valley of Planica

The ski jumping world, Planica is also a very beautiful valley. Inside lies a refuge (Planinski dom Tamar), accessible very easily even for young children. It takes 1 hour from the sports complex (parking fee: €2,5). It is also possible to make all the way from Kranjska Gora in mountain biking.





The fall carelessly

The end of the trail is the only technical part of the ballad. The less adventurous can stop at the refuge.

Without training, I can tell you that climbs!… but with the habit, I saw children… get good shoes, of good calves (especially for the descent) and courage… are enough.

I must say that this ballad is really ideal for a family outing, with an easy part so that everyone can enjoy nature… and a technical part for most athletes.


Kranjska Gora

Small nice town with a pedestrian area, shops, bars, restaurants… all it takes to relax from a hard day of hiking.

If you are rather players, there is also a casino with slot machines and poker.



Less known that Bled, this region of Slovenia WINS to be a little more. I will definitely return in the fall, because I am still far from having all visit this region.

I hope to have given you want to stay there, and do not hesitate to send us your impressions and advice…

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