Interview with Mitchka, Fish & Child blog

Today, I offer you the interview with Mitchka, a friendly blogger, who came to see me in my beautiful valley of the Soča 🙂

Hello Mitchka, can you introduce you?

So, I'm Toulouse expatriate in Agen 4 years (but it shouldn't last – this is an exclusive I'm offering here!); After many adventures I decided to resume my studies as a serious big girl to become a French teacher. I live with Jac for more than 15 years, we have two beautiful girls you have the opportunity to meet… so you can confirm 🙂

UH… Yes I confirm 😉

Tolmin gorges
Fish & Child of Tolmin gorges


How did you come to blogging?

I like to write. I love to travel. And I've always been very self-centered! It's a combo of all this led me to blogging. The trigger was the birth of our 2nd daughter and preparing for our trip to the USA: she was going to make this beautiful trip has only just one year and she'd have no recollection, I wanted that later, he has something. 
In addition, Jac wanted to keep track of these parts of fishing… and then here. Fish & Child is born. 
Introduce us to your blog? What about – it?
He tells our family trips, some parts of fishing of Jac and sometimes old escapades in a relationship but it's rarer. I'm trying to be the lightest as possible, history of not drunk my readers.  And I love telling nonsense, like make me laugh when I reread (I warned that I was egocentric!) so exceptions (because I have a bad day like everyone else), it's a full blog in a good mood.
About the Slovenia, how did you get the idea to come here?
I don't know too much. It is a destination that made us very fancy with Jac for a long time. He was for fishing since the Slovenian rivers are beautiful… me I don't know. It was a country interested me… Perhaps because we know evil.
Fishing trip
Part of fishing for Fish & Child
Was the idea that you had before coming in line with reality?
I had not really preconceived idea. What's sure is that we had hesitated to spend 8 days more in Slovenia in preparing our trip, and finally we had opted for a week in Sardinia before to please girls (because you have to admit there is little Beach in Slovenia). And it is a choice that we almost regretted because after 8 days on site, we had a hard time leaving the Slovenia. Really loved. The people, the atmosphere, landscapes. It was felt good.
Did you get any surprises?
We were super surprised to disembark at Tolmin in the middle of hundreds of metalheads and other punks! This, I admit that it surprised us 🙂
But it was great fun.

Advise you this country for a family vacation? (with children)

Definitely. It is perfect for a family vacation, it's peace, it's beautiful.

What are you favorite or least?

I really loved Ljubljana, I loved the atmosphere everywhere we passed: we didn't see very hospitable people.
After a site that blew us these are the caves of Škocjan, I think that this visit will remain among the most surprising of our life. 
What I liked the least is perhaps Bled. It is beautiful but I didn't expect so many people, we came out of the Valley of the soča River, where tourism is present without being stuffy, so arriving at Bled, we were a bit jaded. We'll be back in the spring 🙂
An alley of Ljubljana
An alley of Ljubljana © Fish & Child
A last word? (see more)
He must visit the Slovenia, and eat with you by the way… Since we had a great time in your company!
Do not hesitate to visit the blog "filled with good mood" of Mitchka Fish & Child… In addition it will soon talk about the Slovenia! 🙂

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