Cycling and exploring Kranjska gora

When the children are too big to fit at the back of your bike or too small to know cycling well enough to go on the main roads, you either avoid going cycling with them or you end up looking  for well secured cycyling tracks. One of the best in Slovenia is in Kranjska gora. It goes from the village of Mojstrana all the way to Ratece and even further over the Italian border. The bike lane is separated from the road, nearly flat all the way and with a great view of the highest Slovene mountains, the Julian Alps.

Kranjska gora valley, LTO
Kranjska gora valley, LTO

We rented our bikes in a local agency in Kranjska gora. We did not bring my daughter’s bike with us, so we borrowed a bike extension that served as an attachement between her bike and mine. She helped me peddling and at the same time she could have rested when needed. Great solution for cycling when a child is not yet completely sure riding a bike by himself.

From Kranjska gora, we headed towards Ratece. We were advised to stop at the source of Sava Dolinka, only a few kilometrs away.  I have been to Kranjska gora several times in winter and in summer, but I have never been to this amazing place. The wild nature of Zelenci nature reserve is breathtaking. The emerald green lake and countless springs surrounded by the fields and with a forest on one side.

Zelenci nature reserve
Zelenci nature reserve

If you come by car, your can park by the main road and walk for a few minutes following a well maintained path towards the lake and the observation tower. Zelenci (“the greens” in Slovene language) was declared a nature reserve in 1992 for its geological interest as well as a home to numerous endangered animals and plants.

Springs, the source of Sava Dolinka
Springs, the source of Sava Dolinka at Zelenci

Once you reach Ratece, you can also turn right and continue on the road to Planica, synonym for ski jumping in Slovenia. And if you go even further towards the mountains, there is a path into the Tamar valley. Great walking tour in summer and winter!

Next time we are planning to explore the cycling track between Mojstrana and Kranjska gora. I am already looking forward to cycling along the Sava Dolinka and enjoying the marvelous views.

Contact me if you want to know more tips about the area (cycling, hiking, skiing, accommodation etc.).


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