How to travel around Slovenia?

Once you are in Slovenia, you have several options for travelling around the country. If you are very sporty, you could walk or cycle around. For the others, here are a few ideas:

Ljubljana public transport
Public transport in Ljubljana is organised by city buses. To pay for the bus, you can not use cash or credit cards, but you pay with a prepaid Urbana card, that can be used also for car parking, museums, renting a bike etc.

Ljubljanski potniski promet

Because Ljubljana is a small town, you can either walk around the city centre or ride a bike. Bicikelj is a bike renting system in Ljubljana. There are 31 stations for the bikes, approximately 300 to 500 m apart. You can pay on the spot, in advance or with your Urbana card. Great system to explore the city!

Bicikelj Lj

Carsharing system in Slovenia is still not very well developed, at least not on the website. People love driving their own cars and in Slovenia we drive everywhere. It’s a habit. Anyway, considering that the prices of petrol are going up and the parking is horribly expensive in city centre, people have started to share their journeys to work and school. Friends, neighbours, family members. So, why not strangers?

Slovene carpooling website was set up by a group of students to exchange information about traveling to the University and back home. Since their start, it has developed even further and it seems to be working quite well. It also offers international section, but unfortunatelly the website exists only in Slovene.
You can always try an international carpooling website, you may find some local rides in Slovenia.


Train and bus system
Train system in Slovenia is developed very well if you are travelling between bigger towns, but it can get more complicated if you want to visit smaller places. In that case you will have to use the bus. The buses are pretty well organised in Slovenia, unfortunatelly they are not always very frequent.

For travelling in the Alps area, CIPRA offers regional timetables  for trains and buses.

Enjoy your holiday!


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