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How to get to Slovenia?

The easiest way to travel to Slovenia is by plane. As a small country, Slovenia only has one international airport, airport Joze Pucnik, near Ljubljana. There is also an airport in Maribor, but it is not open at the moment.

Flying to Slovenia

You can fly directly to Ljubljana from Brussels, Paris, London, Munich, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Moscow, Vienna, Zurich, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Belgrade, Pristina, Skopje. Unfortunately, there are only two low cost companies flying to Ljubljana airport, Wizzair (from Brussels and London Luton) and easyJet (from London).
So, if you come from other destinations and want to save some money on the flight, you have to look for the airports near Slovenia.

Italy:  Trieste airport is the closest to the most visited regions in Slovenia and you can fly there directly from Birmingham, London and Brussels by Ryanair. Venice is also easy to reach on a motorway, only 200 km from Slovenia. There is a big selection of flights going to Venice, including low cost flights.


Croatia: A short drive away from Slovenia, you find Zagreb, Rijeka and Pula. Last two towns are on the Adriatic coast, so there are also many charter flights during the holiday time. Don’t forget that there is still Schengen border between Slovenia and Croatia, and the queues might be a bit longer in summer.

Austria: There is Rynair flight from London Stansted to Klagenfurt, which is not very far if you are going to the North or Nort West of Slovenia. Graz airpoirt is easy to reach if you are in the East of Slovenia. There is also Vienna, but it is already about 4 h drive from Ljubljana.

Airports shuttles

If you fly to one of the more distant airports and need to get to Slovenia (or the other way around), there are several shuttles that are organising transport to Venice, Milano, Trieste, Graz, Munich, Vienna etc.
Vamo tamo

If you fly directly to Ljubljana airport, you can take a taxi or a bus to get to Ljubljana. There are also shuttles parked outside the airport. You can check their schedule on internet: Markun Shuttle , Bus, Vamo tamo, Turanus, MNJ Transfer or book with GoOpti on line…


Travel by train

There are direct trains from Austria, Italy, Germany and Switzerland.
From Germany: direct train Eurocity from Frankfurt or Munich to Ljubljana.
From Switzerland, direct train from Zurich to Ljubljana.
From Italy: by Simplon Express from Venice to Ljubljana.
From Austria: direct train from Vienna and Graz to Ljubljana.

Travel by boat
If you travel to Venice, you can easly reach Slovenian coast travelling by the catamaran “Prince of Venice” (but only from April to October).

Prince of Venice


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