Kurentovanje, Carnival festival in Ptuj

Town of Ptuj, situated in the North-East of Slovenia is known as the oldest town in Slovenia but it is famous also for its carnival, Kurentovanje. Kurentovanje, a procession of traditional carnival masks, events and performances is organised every year since 1960. Its main star mask is a famous “kurent”, wearing a sheep skin coat, a chain of huge bells around the waist and heavy boots. The head is covered by a towering furry hat with ribbons, and a mask typically sporting a long, red tongue.

kurenti.Ptuj Photo: Slovenia Tourist Bord

Every year the carnival is visited by more than 100.000 visiters, far the most popular are the parades on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.

This year the carnival starts on Saturday, 2nd February and ends on 12th February. I will try to be there for the famous procession on Sunday, 10th February, so do not forget to come back and check for the photos.

Carnival official program 2013:

2nd February, 24.00
Traditional Kurent’s Jump and First furrow

3rd February, 14.00
The opening parade of Kurentovanje 2013 starting with the transfer of power to the Prince of the  Carnival and with the international FECC EtnoFest gathering of traditional carnival figures and masks

3rd–12th February
Performance of carnival figures and masks of Ptuj in the Ptuj town centre

3rd–12th February

ArtFest – international art Ex tempore Ptuj

4th–14th February

Youth in ArtFest and EtnoRockFest action –  international performing activities (music, dance, theatre, photography …)

5th February
Scientific Symposium: Meeting the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia – Studying the immaterial cultural heritage on the  example of carnival customs

9th February
• Town Carnival Procession at the occasion of the 140th anniversary of the first organised carnival  procession in Ptuj
• Traditional culinary-charity event called “Obarjada”, organised by Ptuj Lions Club
• Carnival Ball in the Carnival Hall

10th February
International KarnevalFest – 53rd International Carnival Parade

9th–12th February
Carnivals in the Ptuj’s surrounding

11th February
• Gathering of “happy masks” from Ptuj nursery school
• Children’s masquerade (CID Ptuj and DPM Ptuj)

12th February
Burial of the Carnival

2nd–12th February
Carnival parties in the Carnival Hall in Vičava


Check the official Kurentovanje website for more details about the program.


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