Guided Tours of Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a small capital, that you can easily discover by foot. We have already talked about the main sights, hotels and the favorite spots in town. But if you are a more demanding visitor, you might want to take a guided tour of Ljubljana to find out more about its history, culture or traditional cuisine. And there are many to choose from.

History Tours

2000 years ago, a part of today’s Slovenian capital, was called Emona. Two hour guided tour of ancient Roman town will take you along the old Roman streets and squares, pass the remains of its city wall, a Roman house and an early Christian centre. You will meet a Roman legionary and you will find out all about the daily life of Emona citizens. You can join this walk at midday or in the evening to experience Emona in the torchlight wearing a toga traditional suit.

Cultural Tours

Plečnik tour around Ljubljana will tell you all about Joze Plečnik, famous Slovene architect whose works we can see also in Vienna and Prague.
Baroque Ljubljana tour will show you numerous baroque masterpieces in the old part of town.
Qnd there is more: Art Nouveau Tour, Prešeren Tour, named by Slovene greatest poet and the author of Slovenian national anthemm Walking Tour of Ljubljana Churches.

Culinary Tours

Several food tours are organised to taste typical Slovene dishes in different restaurants around Ljubljana. You will taste the famous Carniolan sausage, dumplings from Idrija and bujta repa from Prekmurje region. You can even taste some real Balkan specialities. If you are vegeterian, vegan or gluten free lover, there is a tour for you as well. Specialised food walks are promissing small personalised tours that take you away from the tourist traps to experience the local dining scene.

General and other specialised tours

If you come on your own, there are general guided tours of Ljubljana to join by foot, by boat, by bike or by tourist train. For groups there are a few more possibilities: special panoramic tours yith an open top bus, traditional Slovene night with traditional Slovene music and dance, pub crawl experiencing Ljubljana night scene etc.

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