Exploring Slovenia: Pekel Gorge near Ljubljana

Talking about one day walking trips around Ljubljana some time ago on this blog, I have promissed you to visit some of these hot spots and write more about them. After the Kamniška Bistrica Gorges, I visited Pekel Gorge near Brezovica on the edge of Ljubljana Marshes.

Entrance to Pekel - Hell Gorge
Entrance to Pekel – Hell Gorge

How to get there?

From Ljubljana you take the motorway to Vrhnika, then take the first left at the junction and left once more at the next set of traffic lights direction Borovnica. You will pass several small villages as well as Bistra castle, a former Carthusian monastery and its Technical Museum. Several collections can be seen at the museum: forestry, woodworking, hunting, fishing and agricultural department, but also printing, textiles and electrical engineering. There is a special treat for car lovers – limousines that used to belong to Tito, the former president of Yougoslavia. You continue on that road for a few more kilometers to Borovnica, where you will find the first signs to Pekel Gorge.

Waterfall at Pekel Gorge
Waterfall 1 at Pekel Gorge

Walking into the Pekel Gorge

Walking to Pekel Gorge is the best on a hot summer day. You will feel refreshed walking by the stream up to 5 waterfalls, following a narrow path, small bridges and steep ladders. To get to the 5th and final waterfall, you need about one hour which is about 300 m height difference. The path is well marked and if you do not want to climb the rocks, you can choose an easier path over Pristava to return to the parking place.

Ladder to Hell
Ladder to “Hell”
Climbing to Hell
Climbing to “Hell”

“The rocks on the path can be very slippery, so do not forget your hiking shoes and if you are walking with small children, be very careful when climbing up or going down. The water in the pools can be very cold, so think before diving in.
But afterall, take your time and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Waterfall 4 at Pekel Gorge
Waterfall 4 at Pekel Gorge
Going down from "Hell"
Going down from “Hell”


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