Easiest and cheapest way to travel to Slovenia

As a small country, Slovenia only has one international airport, Airport Joze Pucnik, 30 km from Ljubljana.  And there are only two low-cost  airlines flying to Ljubljana, Easy Jet and Wizzair, which makes Slovenia quite an expensive destination to fly to. So, what can you do?

Airports near Slovenia

You can choose from a number of international airports close to Slovenia, depending where you are coming from. The biggest airport with the most international flights is Venice in Italy. You can fly to Venice from all over Europe, and also directly from North America (Montreal, Toronto, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta), North Africa (Tunis, Casablanca) and Middle East (Dubai, Doha).
Trieste is another Italian airport, situated more or less on Slovenian border.
If you are travelling to Eastern Slovenia, the best solution is to fly to Zagreb in Croatia. During summer there are many flights also to Rijeka and Pula in Croatia.
In Austria, the closest airports to Slovenia are Klagenfurt, Graz and also Vienna.

Check all 12 airports around Slovenia

How to get from the neighbouring airports to Slovenia?

Once you land, there is always a question how to get to the city centre, to another town or even to another country. Of course there are trains, buses and airport shuttles, but they are not always practical and suitable for eveyone. For exaple to get to Slovenia by public transport from Venice, you need to take a train to Trieste and than a bus to Ljubljana or Koper.
So, the easiest way to travel to Slovenia from the airport of Venice, Trieste, Verona, Milan, Salzburg, Munich, Vienna, Graz, Zagreb and also from Ljubljana airport to Ljubljana centre, Maribor and Slovenian coast is by GoOpti shuttles.
They bring you from neighbouring airports to Ljubljana, and also to the Slovenian coast, to Maribor and Celje.

Destinations covered from Ljubljana by GoOpti shuttles

Low-cost airport shuttles

GoOpti inter-airport shuttle transfers are organised for people travelling to the same direction at about the same time of a day. Transfers are organised by vans or buses,  for very competitive prices.
The system works similar to the low cost flights. Sooner you book, cheaper it is. The price depends also on how much time you are prepared to wait for your transfer. More people book a transfer at the similar time to yours, less time you will wait. Average waiting time in fall was 56 minutes!
You can book your transfer via an online booking system filling in when and where you would like to be picked up as well as where you are going. You can also book a return ticket at the same time. Once you book and pay your ticket, your transfer is confirmed, the exact time is sent to you 24 hours prior to the departure.

Best prices for early booking

If you book your transfer well in advance, at least 2 months before your departure, you can pay only 14 € to get from Venice to Ljubljana, 10 € from Trieste to Ljubljana, 28 € from Munich to Ljubljana!
From Ljubljana airport to the town centre you can pay only 2,2 €, and only 10 € to Maribor!

VIP Transfers

If you do not wish to wait for other people, you can ask for VIP transfer. Pick up and drop off point can be at the airport, train station, main square or any address up to 5 km from the initial or final location or main route. Other people may join you if they asked for the same pick up and drop off times. Once your transfer is confirmed, you can not cancel it.
If you want more privacy, you want a transfer that allows you more flexibility in choosing your departure and arrival, VIPflex Transfer is the best solution. You can choose your departure and arrival time as well as the pick up and drop off point up to 20 km from the selected route.


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  1. Cheapest way to travel is to cut off all your extra expenses and traveling can be made even more cheaper by doing an early booking of flights or trains because the fair of flights are low if you are booking before a definite time period. Thank you for this amazing blog, Slovenia is an beautiful place to visit.


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