Skiing in Slovenia

After a lovely sunny day in Krvavec ski resort, I have decided to share with you more about skiing in Slovenia. Slovenian ski resorts may not be as known as the ones in Austria, Switzerland or France, the ski runs may not be as long, but they offer skiing in the unspoilt nature, modern equipment … Read more

To be an expat in Ljubljana

If you are a foreigner living in Ljubljana, you must know at least a few international clubs, associations, media, where people can meet and socialize. There is International Club of Slovenia, ICS, that organises different events for expats like concerts, dance classes, pub quiz etc. Not to forget the famous Friday Night Drinks (once a … Read more

How to become Slovene? How to learn Slovene?

How difficult it is to learn Slovene? How to pronounce it?  How and when to use different gender and in dual??  Why do I need to use dual? And how do I say it in different dialects? So complicated 🙁   Find out more about the Slovene language on Radio Slovenia International.

Slovenia voted as one of top 10 adventure destinations in 2013

Switchback Travel’s popular Top 10 Adventure Destinations are back. This time, three of the destinations—Iceland, Brazil, and Slovenia—were voted in by a poll taken by hundreds of adventure enthusiasts. From iceberg watching in the Arctic to surfing near the Sahara Desert, below are the Top 10 Adventure Destinations for 2013! The tiny European country of … Read more