Soča valley

Soča valley

Interview with Mitchka, Fish & Child blog

Today, I offer you the interview with Mitchka, a friendly blogger, who came to see me in my beautiful valley of the Soča 🙂 Hello Mitchka, can you introduce you? So, I'm Toulouse expatriate in Agen 4 years (but it shouldn't last – this is an exclusive I'm offering here!); After many adventures I decided … Read more

Learn more about Kranjska Gora

If today the summer finally seems comfortable in Slovenia, the weather was until recently very temperamental, so that it was risky to predict in advance a getaway too far. Taking advantage of a window of a few days of good weather, on a whim I booked a weekend at the Youth Hostel Barovc in Kranjska … Read more

Exploring Alps region in Slovenia

Coming to Slovenia, the Alps region is one of the “must see” destinations to visit during your stay. It is known for numerous cycling and walking routes that offer stunning views of the mountains, lakes and rivers. You will also enjoy driving around the area and visiting local churches, museums as well as other beautiful natural … Read more

Exploring Slovenia: Goriška Brda and Šmartno village

Goriška Brda region, known for its wines and olive trees, is situated between Soča Valley and Italian border. If you are coming from Slovenian side, crossing the famous Solkan bridge, you will notice that the landscape gets very different from the Soča region once you cross the bridge. How to get there? The easiest way to … Read more

Tours of Slovenia

After reading our article about 5 Top places to visit in Slovenia, it is still not easy to organise a tour around Slovenia? If you travel on your own, with a group or you are about to organise a group tour, here are a few examples how to plan your trip to see the best … Read more

Hiking Festivals in Slovenia this autumn

It seems that the summer has finally finished, but there are still several events happening in Slovenia. Apart from Euro Basket that has just started its second round, there are two hiking festivals taking place in September and October: Bohinj Hiking Festival and Soča Hiking Festival. Bohinj Hiking Festival, from 13th September until 13th October … Read more

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana (meaning “the beloved” in Slovenian language) is the capital of Slovenia with only 280.000 inhabitants. Situated between Vienna and Venice, at the crossroad of important transport routes, Ljubljana has been an important settlement for traders and armies for centuries. Today Ljubljana is a small vibrant capital with modern lifestyle, a place of numerous business … Read more

Reggae Festival in Tolmin, Slovenia

If you are not a metal music lover, there is another festival in Soca valley this year that you might prefer. Overjam International Reggae Festival is moving to Tolmin this year for its second edition. If you enjoy reggae, do not miss coming to Tolmin between 14th and 17th August 2013. Tolmin is situated in … Read more

MetalDays in Tolmin, Slovenia

One of the most known festivals of the metal music in Europe is happening in Tolmin, Slovenia between 21st and 27th July 2013. Every year during the festival, the population of Tolmins doubles. Tolmin is situated by two mountain rivers, Soca and Tolminka, in the West of Slovenia, towards Italian border. Soca is known as … Read more

Cooking Traditional Foods in Slovenia

You will be travelling around Slovenia and you would like to learn more about the local traditions and local foods? Join our cooking classes in the Slovene countryside. We are offering you a real life experience at the local farms. You can learn how to bake bread in a traditional way, how to  make a … Read more