St. Valentine’s and St. George’s day in sLOVEnia

Slovene version of Valentin’s day on 14th February is called St. George’s day celebrated on 12th March. This is when the “birds are merry and they get ready to be wed”, meaning the spring is coming and love is in the air.  It is said that many years ago, for this occasion people used to dress up as brides, grooms and wedding guests, going around the villages asking for gifts, all for good luck. 🙂

St George’s day also means that all the works outside on the farm can begin, there is more light and days are longer. By tradition since lighting was not needed for daily tasks anymore, people used to put the small lanten like lights on the water and watch them float away. This tradition was forgotten after the 2nd WW, but it has recently started to come back to life again.

Valentin’s day has been known to Slovenes for a long time as well, but not in relation to romance. According to tradition, Valentin brings “the key to the roots”, meaning that the nature is ready to wake up, the winter is finished and people can start working in the fields.

These days, Valentin’s day in Slovenia is a celebration of love. Small notes, chocolates, cards, flowers and all other sorts of gifts suppose to show love. Shops are full of red hearts and red roses, radio stations invite people to express their love on air, restaurants offer special menus for two, cinemas air romantic films, festival halls are organising concerts and dances.

Hotels and thermal spas prepare their special offers for couples well in advance. Massage for two, romantic bath, weekend breaks in a romantic destination. All these offers have an aim to relax and to spend time with your loved ones and they are growing in popular demand. The most popular romantic destinations in Slovenia are Bled, Piran and other towns at the Adriatic coast as well as all thermal spas in Eastern Slovenia.

So, when you look for a new special gift to prove your love, whatever day it is, think about sLOVEnia, the only country that carries love in its name 🙂

Happy St. George day!

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