Come to Slovenia by bus with bus

There are quite a few years ago, I came to Slovenia by bus. At the time the only option was called Eurolines and we had to negotiate with the driver, because officially the bus did not stop in Slovenia and went directly in Croatia.

But today this is the radius of memories (not always happy by the way), as for air transport, the lowcost competition also won coach transport.

Bus, initially based in Germany, has developed its network in almost all of Europe… and of course in Slovenia, since I speak to you here 🙂

On my last trip to Bordeaux, I went with bus, via Milan, then I took a shuttle up to the Slovenia Goopti.

Good news, a line has just opened between Milan and Ljubljana! 🙂


So, if the aircraft remains a solution much faster to go to Slovenia, the bus becomes an alternative to consider, especially for last-minute tickets.

For having the experience, the bus trip is long.. but there are more places (the car is rarely full) to move (in a plane), there are breaks… and above all there is wifi on board! 🙂

If you also you did this bus ride, feel free to give us your feeling.

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Come to Slovenia by bus with bus

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