Exploring Alps region in Slovenia

Coming to Slovenia, the Alps region is one of the “must see” destinations to visit during your stay. It is known for numerous cycling and walking routes that offer stunning views of the mountains, lakes and rivers. You will also enjoy driving around the area and visiting local churches, museums as well as other beautiful natural attractions.

Bohinj, Slovenian Alps
Bohinj, Slovenian Alps

Motorcycling routes in Slovenian Alps

If you are travelling by motorcycle, there are a few routes around the region prepared especially for you (most can be also driven by car). Long or short, they will take you around the Julian Alps, Karavanke, Škofjeloško hills and Soča valley.
The shortest route takes you from Austrain border crossing Korenjsko sedlo through Kranjska gora over Vršič into the beautiful Soča valley through Trenta and Bovec. Following the other routes you will spend more time on your motorbike, but you will explore amazing places like Bled, Bohinj valley, Škofja Loka, Jezersko, Idrija, Tolmin and Kobarid. Whichever route you choose to follow, you can always stop to explore these areas in more details. I am convinced that you will not be able to resist to stay there longer than planned 🙂

Motorcycling routes, Slovenian Alps
Motorcycling routes, Slovenian Alps

Exploring the Alps with children

Visiting the area with children can be good fun as well. For smaller children there are special events and workshops organised during summer holidays. They will enjoy exploring the secret land of dwarfs in Martuljek forest, follow the trail of the Triglav fairytale in Dovje, they will be preparing the local specialities or learn about different painting techniques.
For bigger children there are many sport activities to choose from as well as cultural sites to visit in the region. From Bled castle, Savica waterfall, Bled Vintgar Gorge, bee-keeping museum in Radovljica to kayaking, rafting, canyoning and rowing on the lakes or rivers.  Not to forget numerous hiking and cycling routes to explore the hidden spots.

Boating at Bohinj lake, Slovenian Alps
Boating at Bohinj lake, Slovenian Alps

Green Card

Gorenjska region offers all its visitors to apply for their Green Card and claim discounts when taking tours, visiting museums and other cultural and natural sites, attending sports activities, but also in restaurants and hotel services. You can apply to get this Green Card via website or ask for it at the local tourist office, but it will only be activated once you have booked your accommodation in the region.

Accommodation in the region

There is a wide selection of hotels, B&B, campsites, private accommodation, hostels, refuges and tourist farms all around the area. You can also check our selected accommodation adapted for families or those that prefer staying close to the walking and cycling routes . For more information you can also check our blog to get some more ideas where to stay while travelling around Slovenia.

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