Exploring Slovenia: Mostnica Gorge in Bohinj

Exploring amazing Bohinj Lake area, you will find another Slovenian hidden gem by the Stara Fuzina village, the Mostnica Gorge. Walking by the river, you will enjoy the most spectacular rock shapes formed by water, pools and gorges with crystal clear water. There are endless opportunities for photographers, so do not forget your camera.

Photo: K.Belsak

How to get to Mostnica Gorge?

You can walk or drive from the Bohinj lake to the Stara Fuzina village, where the path narrows and you start your walk into the gorge. After 10 min walk you will get to the map of the gorge. You can choose to go all the way to the Mostnica waterfall Voje or you can turn around before that and return back to the village on the other side of the gorge.

Mostnica Gorge


Suitable for everybody

Easy accesible, this walk is suitable also for families with small children. Walking through the forest in the shade of the trees and by the water, is very refreshing and an ideal trip when it’s hot and sunny.
There is a 2,5 € fee for adults and 1,25 € for children under 7 y.o.

Photo: K.Belsak
Photo: K.Belsak

Gorges in Slovenia

Travelling around Slovenia you can visit many amazing gorges. Among the most known are the breathtaking Vintgar Gorge in BledTolmin Gorges and Ig Gorge in Ljubljana area.


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