Rent-a-car in Slovenia: compare different offers and book with Auto Europe

Slovenia is a small country, so if you would like to visit different regions, the best way to experience the towns and the countryside is by car. Whether you are flying to Ljubljana or to the neigbouring airports, you can rent a car at the airport, but it is easier and cheaper to search for the best deals on internet before your departure.

Why hire a car on internet?

  • The prices can be very different, so it is better to check them first when you are still at home. If you book at the airport, you may not have much choice left of  the car you want.
  • All rent-a-car companies have their own contracts. We suggest you read the contract thoroughly to avoid any surprises later.
  • Auto Europe guarantees the best prices and no charges for cancellation up to 48 h before your rental arrangement.


Car rental in Italy (Venice, Treviso, Trieste)

Min price: around 100 € for 3 days

Be careful of the small print in your contract:

Hertz: Slovenia and Croatia are specially approved on the contract (but you can not drive to any other East European country).

Europcar: You can not drive to any East European country (does that include Croatia?).

Thrify: You can not drive out of Italy!


Car rental in Croatia (Zagreb, Rijeka, Pula)

Min price: around 70 €

Normaly you can drive to Slovenia or Hungary without extra costs. If you want to go to Bosnia, Albania, Serbia or Montenegro, you will need a special assurance for 50 € + VAT.
If you want to visit any Croatian island, you will need a special permission from Auto Europe because rented cars are not allowed to take ferries or to drive around the islands 🙁


Car rental in Slovenia

Min pricen: 50 €

You can drive to any country in the region, but avoid the islands if you do not have a special permission issued by Auto Europe.


So, do not forget to book a car before your departure!

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