Hiking and walking around Ljubljana

You are spending some time in Ljubljana and you are looking to discover new places in the area? For walking, cycling or just enjoying the nature?

Here are a few ideas where to go:

1. Roznik is the most known hill in Ljubljana. You can take a short walk from the town centre towards Tivoli park and keep going uphill. You will meet many people jogging, walking, cycling on numerous trails around there. If you continue walking on the flat, going around the hill instead of going uphill, you will end up in Ljubljana ZOO or in Mostec.

2. Many of you probably drove under the Golovec hill when you drove on the Ljubljana ring road through the tunnels. It is also nice to walk over Golovec from Dolenjska road to Fuzine (or the other way around). If you follow the Ljubljana remembrance path you will find it without problem.

3. Smarna gora is a hill in Tacen (at the end of Celovska road towards Sentvid), a favorite spot for many Ljubljana citizens over the weekend or even after work.

4. Sveta Katarina hill is situated between Polhov Gradec and Podutik. There are several ways to climb the hill: you can start in Podutik, Medvode or you can park by the road from Dobrovo to Polhov Gradec. When you reach the top, you will enjoy a lovely view.

Sv. Katarina, K. Belsak
Sv. Katarina, K. Belsak

5. Iski vintgar, The Ig Gorge is a great spot for short walks with the children as well as for longer hikes of 1h30 and more. In summer you will find there many picnic areas, suitable for families or bigger groups. You can even try and swim in the river, which is very fresh even in summer.

6. Kurescek (833 m) above Ig with a pilgrimage church renovated in 1990s.

7. Rakitna(789 m) above Barje area is known for very good air. You will enjoy also a walk through the village and around its lake.

8. Pekel (Hell) near Borovnica (650 m) is a gorge with 5 waterfalls, numerous pools and rapids. A perfect destination on a hot summer day. Do not forget your hiking shoes because there are a few ladders to climb!

8. Source of Kamniska Bistrica is next on my list to visit. So, please come back to read more soon!


If you have other ides where to go walking and hiking around Ljubljana, please share them with us!



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