Cuisine : Potica au noix ( Orehova potica )

La Slovénie est un pays très « régionalisé » ( les régions ont gardé de nombreuses traditions, il y a même 63 dialectes.. pour un pays de 2 millions d’habitants !), si bien qu’il n’existe pas vraiment … Read more

Slovene numbers – 11 to 20 [postcast]

From eleven to nineteen, numbers are suffixed by -najst (-teen): enajst [11], dvanajst [12], trinajst [13], štirinajst [14], petnajst [15], šestnajst [16], sedemnajst [17], osemnajst [18], devetnajst [19].

Slovene numbers – 0 to Ten [postcast]

Digits and numbers from zero to ten are specific words, namely nič [0], ena [1], dve [2], tri [3], štiri [4], pet [5], šest[6], sedem [7], osem [8], devet [9], and deset [10]. The digit two has two gendered forms: dva (masculine) and dve(feminine).

Mon électricité en Slovénie

Tous les mois sur ma facture l’électricité ( env. 40€ pour une maison de 90m2 , 3 personnes), mon fournisseur détaille les sources d’énergies utilisées, en voici un graphique :

Dolina Soče — Soca Valley — Valle dell’Isonzo

Soča Valley is a Slovenian outdoor paradise. Fly fishing, rafting, kayaking, canyoning, walking, mountaineering, skiing and rock climbing, mountain biking and paragliding are only some of the most popular adventures in the valley. Untouched beauties of Triglav National Park, thematic trails and breathtaking views, mountain pastures, hundreds of years of local heritage and know how hidden in the local products, excellent restaurants, famous events or just romantic walks alongside the banks of the emerald river makes the valley a perfect place for active and green minded people.

The valley is also known for the Isonzo front. During the World War I it was a place of the one of the world’s biggest and bloodiest mountain battles. Hemingway’s novel Farwell to the arms describes some of the events. Reminds of the battle lines and fortifications, all of them placed in the astonishing natural surroundings are connected to the Walks of Peace thematic trail today.

There is only an hour drive from the sheer mountain valley to the Adriatic coast. The mixture of Mediterranean and alpine climates, geographic shapes and wild life is quite obvious in the way of local everyday life too – hard working and reliable mountain people are blessed with the Mediterranean hospitality and joy of life. The Soča Valley is a good place to be. | |